We believe that each and every project is a unique mission. Complexity, extent, the need for different resources etc. differ a lot and because of this we apply a flexible pricing model. Please, don't hesitate to contact us about Your project and we will surely find a price that will satisfy both You and us.

To make it easier for you as a customer to get a feel of what you get for your money we have listed a few price examples and general rates below.


Jingle production (radio spots/sound logotype etc.):

prices from 7 000 SEK


Music production/composing/sound design. Daily rate (8 hours):

3 000 SEK


Sound design/mixing/recording speaker. Hourly rate:

500 SEK (excluding payment for speaker if applicable)


Price example:

Say you want music for a 10 minute short-film. Estimated music need is 4-5 minutes. We write the music specially for You and according to Your requirements, whether it's laid-back , produce mix piano loops or bombastic orchestral pieces. We record, produce and mix while keeping You in the process for feedback, making sure You will love the end result! A project of this extent will take us approximately 4 working days to finish.

Your price:

12 000 SEK


All prices excluding VAT